team & drivers

  • Dario Balestri

    2012 Bronze Medal Euro A Champion Vila Real with P81 RS2
    2010 Vice Euro A Champion Locorotondo with P81 PRO
    2009 Finalist Lostallo World Championship with P81
    2008 Finalist Cordoba World Championship with P80Italia

  • Robin D'Hondt

    2011 Belgium Euro A Finalist with P81 RS
    2011 Miami Worlds Finalist with P81 RS
    2009 Lostallo Worlds Finalist with P81
    2009 Belgian Champion with P81
    2009 German Champion with P81Benelux

  • Arnaud Mathieu

    2012 Euro B Champion with P81 RS2
    2011 French Champion with P81 RSFrance

  • Romain Delaunay

    2011 French Champion Classic Category with P8C Extreme
    2010 French Champion Classic Category with P8C Extreme
    2009 French Champion Classic Category with P8C Classic

  • Herfried Pucher

    2013 Austrian Champion with P81 RS3
    2008 Austrian Champion with P80Austria

  • Mihelic Nejc

    2013 Bronze Medal Austrian Championship with P81 RS3
    2012 Austrian Vice Champion with P81 RS2
    2011 Slovenian Champion with P81 RS
    2010 Austrian Youth Champion with P81 PRO
    2010 Slovenian Champion with P81 PRO
    2009 Slovenian Champion with P81Slovenia/Austria

  • Noah Asendorf

    2013 Swiss Champion with P81 RS3Switzerland

  • Oscar Cabezas

    2012 Spain Champion with P81 RS 2
    2010 Spain Champion with P81 PRO
    2009 Spain Champion with P81Spain

  • Victor Gonzalez


  • Manuel Tordi

    2012 AMSCI Classic Italian ChampionItalia

  • Nicolas Gilioli

    2009 Italian Champion Classic with P8C
    2008 Italian Champion Classic with P8 ClassicItaly

  • Christophe Pethoud


  • Stefan Niederberger


competitions & tracks

  • European Nitro Series Fiorano 2014

    Last weekend was the ENS in Fiorano, it was a really nice event with quite a lot of attenders.

    Our driver Robin D'Hondt starts the training session in a very good shape but, after changing to the racing tires, the car becomes too aggressive and his qualifications are quite discouraging. Nevertheless Robin keeps working on the setup of the car until regaining a good feeling with the car and wins the B final.
    He can then participate to the A main final where he slowly but steadily makes his way up to third place.

    Good job Robin!

    Pictures of the race here

    october 27, 2014

  • Austrian Championship 2014 Main Final

    Last weekend saw the final round of the Austria 1/8 scale On Road Championships run at the Mac Amstetten track.
    It was Motonica Team driver Nejc Mihelic that took the victory, TQ and overall Championship. Driving his Motonica, Nejc dominated the race after securing gap in early beggining of the 45 minut final he hold 1st position until the the final flag. With this Victory, Nejc claims the Austrian National title.

    Congratulations and a special thanks to everyone in the Austrian Team!

    september 30, 2014

  • BRCA 1/8 Circuit National Championship Rd7

    Motonica gets second place with Daniel Bancroft.

    Read the race report on Red RC>>

    september 22, 2014

  • Serpent Challenge Slovenia 2014

    Motonica wins the Serpent Challenge Slovenia with Mihelic Nejc in the 1/8 category.

    Read the race report on Red RC>>

    june 04, 2014

  • French Championship Classic Category 2014

    Romain Delaunay wins the second round of the French Championship Classic held in Thionville.

    april 16, 2014

  • Alpe Adria Cup

    The first round of Alpe Adria Cup was held on April 13-14 in Graz, Austria.
    Drivers from Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Austria take part in the race in the categories 1/8 and 1/10.
    For the category 1/8, the first round goes to Mihelic Nejc driving Motonica P81 RS3.

    april 15, 2014

  • Motonica Trophy 2013

    This year as usual many friends meet at Motonica Trophy that was held at Minicar Joel Schumacher in Fiorano under a very nice Autumn sun.

    We want to thank everybody who came and joined us in this nice day and to congratulate with those who won this year's race.

    Here below we post some links to the pictures of the day that you can find on Minicar's website and Motonica Swiss distributor's, Modellbau Lackner, website.

    october 28, 2013

  • Austrian Champion 2013

    A blistering season with 3 wins in the row secured Herfried Pucher the Austrian National Title in 2013. The 2nd one for him & Motonica after 2008.

    The Final race saw a thrilling battle between Pucher, his Team Mate Mihelic and Gremlica. All of them with chances to take the title. The free practice turned out to be the base for the success of Pucher in the final - he could manage constant quick laps without taking to much risk. Starting from second into the 45min main final, he passed Gremlica on the start and never looked back. After some problems on Gremlica´s car, struggling with clutch issues, and Njec who touched a competitor ending in an unplanned pit stop, he reduced his pace to 80%. At the end, Herfried won the race almost 4 Laps ahead of Njec and Höller Helmut.

    A great victory for the Motonica Team who occupied all the steps of the Podium.

    The multiple Austrian Champion says that the entire Team made a perfect Job. He wants to give his hands to their sponsors as well to his father for making this happen. Its not by accident to be consecutive on top of the lists for so many years.

    Motonica wants to thank and congratulate with Herfried, Mihelic and Höller for making this race and the whole season a success for Motonica and to all the Austrian Team, including our distributor MW for the continuos good job and support.

    Report credits: Herfried Pucher

    september 30, 2013

  • Swiss Champion 2013

    With a third place in the last race of Swiss Championship, Motonica and Noah Asendorf become Swiss Champion 2013!

    Motonica wants to thank all the Swiss Team for the committment and of course our Swiss distributor Modellbau Lackner for the many years of good collaboration and frienship.

    september 30, 2013

  • Austrian Championship 2013 Rd 05

    Another very nice double podium for our Austrian Team! During the second to last race of the Championship Herfried Pucher and Mihelic Nejc get the first two steps of the podium with Motonica RS3.
    Herfried is leading the Championship...can't wait until next race!!!

    september 09, 2013

  • ML-Nitro Racing GT - Cup

    august 20, 2013

  • Austrian Championship, 4th Round

    Double podium for Motonica P81 RS3 at the 4th round of the Austrian Championship thanks to the pair Pucher, Nejc that ended the race at first and second place respectively.

    july 15, 2013

  • Swiss Championship, Round 4th

    Last weekend the 4th round of the Swiss championship took place in Aigle.
    Noah Asendorf took his first win of his career. Hi had TQ and won the main final, leading from start to finish. He is now also at the first place in the Swiss champioship with 2 races to go.
    Motonica driver Stefan Niederberger finished in a ver good 5th place.

    july 01, 2013

  • Spain Championship 2013, Second Round

    The second round of the Spanish 1/8th onroad Nationals was held in Madrid under sunny conditions and good temperatures. Qualifying saw Oscar Cabezas get the pole-position, being the only driver to make 14 laps on the way to a new track record, while in second position was Carlos Peracho. In the final Cabezas led the entire race and won by more than a lap advantage over Nacho Lopez in 2nd and three laps over Carlos Peracho in 3rd.
    Oscar leads the National standings with two wins from two races ahead of the third and final race on the 14th of July in Vigo, next to the beach.

    Courtesy of Red RC

    may 13, 2013

  • EFRA GP 2013

    The Efra GP was held in Monteux (France) in the weekend despite the rainy weather.

    Robin was able to manage the constantly changing weather and to find a good strategy to get his place in the final and eventually a good first place on the finish line with his Motonica P81 RS3.

    Well done Robin!

    april 30, 2013

  • Madrid Trophy

    Alberto Cabezas presents Motonica a nice second place in the two Trophies organized by Madrid City and Region.

    Thank you Alberto!

    april 29, 2013

  • Swiss Championship Second Round

    The second round of the Swiss championship was held in Schaffhausen.

    4 Motonica P81 RS3 in the main Final (Shasa Lackner, Noah Asendorf,Stefan Niederberger and Daniel Braunschweiler) arriving respectively in 1, 2, 5 and 8 position on the finish line.

    Congratulations and thank you everyone!

    april 22, 2013

  • First Round Belgian Championship 2013

    Second placement for Robin D'Hondt's Motonica RS3 at the first race of Belgian Championship.

    april 09, 2013

  • First Round Swiss Championship 2013

    Double podium for Motonica RS3 at the first round of Swiss Championship that was held in Melzo last weekend.

    First place for Shasa Lackner and second for Noah Asendorf.

    april 08, 2013

  • Spain Championship 2013, Round 1

    Good Success for Motonica RS3 at the first race of Spain Championship resulting with 3 Motonica cars in the final.

    Oscar Cabezas gets the first place after winning qualification and taking Pole Position and best lap time.
    He hits the finish line one lap ahead on his competitors.

    We are pleased to have also a Motonica RS3 winning the Plus 40 race with driver Cayetano Martinez.

    See all the results here

    march 04, 2013

  • Motonica Trophy 2012- PODIUM

    The Motonica Trophy was held as usual on November 17 and 18 at Miniautodromo Jody Scheckter track in Fiorano.

    And this year's winners are:

    • Finale A 1/8
    (1° Collari Lamberto, 2° Salemi Walter, 3° Rinaldi Mattia)
    • Finale B 1/8
    (1° Lombrosi Federico, 2° Collavo Mattia, 3° Bella Sara)
    • Finale C 1/8
    ( 1° Argellati Marco, 2°Bovio Gabriele, 3° Bapst Daniel)
    • Finale D 1/8
    ( 1° Sammarini Stefano, 2° Varago Pierluigi, 3° Kozlina Uros)
    • Finale E 1/8
    ( 1° Bondanza Alessandro, 2° Guarnaccia Francesco, 3° Martignago Claudio)

    • Finale A 1/10
    (1° Michele Scaglioni, 2° Brucculeri Angelo, 3° Balboni Alessandro ).
    • Finale B 1/10
    (1° Mastrangelo Cosimo, 2° Daniele Andrea, 3° Gavioli Simone)
    • Finale C 1/10
    (1° Pastore Giovanni, 2° Cannoni Simone, 3° Wuntschek Christian)

    Motonica would like to thank all the Minicar Fiorano Staff for its perfect organization and all the people that took part in the event making it possible.

    See you again next year!

    Picture credits: Minicar Fiorano

    november 20, 2012

  • Spain Championship Final

    The last round of Spain Championship this year was held in Gijón.

    Oscar got pole position and TQ in the semifinal.
    For the final Spanish Team decided to go for a low risk strategy as a 4th place was enough to get the title.
    So Oscar completes the race in 3rd position and gets his 5th Spanish Champion title.

    Motonica would like to thank Spanish Team for their collaboration through all these years and for keeping up the name of Motonica with many great results!

    september 30, 2012

  • Austrian Championship Final

    Marvelous victory at the final Rounds of Austrian Nationals at Lamac track this weekend.

    After a troubled racing season, Herfried Pucher after a close battle finished at first place in front of team-mate Mihelic Njec.

    1 PUCHER Herfried 45:11.395 184 13.895 Motonica P81 RS 2
    2 MIHELIC Nejc 45:10.826 182 13.882 Motonica P81 RS 2
    3 PUMPLER Thomas 45:09.647 174 14.299

    Njec ends up in second position in overall Championship ranking and gets the title of Austrian Vice-Champion 2012!

    Motonica would like to thank everyone in Austrian Team for their support to drivers and the good results.

    september 18, 2012

  • Final Classic Class French Championship

    The 5th and final round of the French 1/8th Classique championship took place on the brand new Ingrande track last weekend. There was very good weather but the track conditions were not very good and so it was quite difficult to find the right set-up.
    Romain Delaunay found the perfect setup and put his Motonica on pole position but at the beginning of the 45 minute final he ends up at the back of the field and needs to fight back to take over the lead again and complete the race 2 laps ahead of Christiany.

    Motonica would like to thank Romain Delaunay for the good performance and everyone in French Team for their support.

    september 18, 2012

  • European Championship A 2012 Portugal

    European Championship A was held in Vila Real Portugal and gave Motonica the satisfaction of a good third place thanks to the performance of Dario Balestri.

    The weather was nice, between 22 and 25 degrees and at times breezy. This year 80 drivers took part in the race.

    The track in Vila Real is very long and requires good power and speed together with a good tire strategy. And this in fact was the determining factor in the final.

    The final was a battle between the three champions: Balestri, Pietsch and Collari that switched at the lead according to their fuel and tires stop strategies. In the end, at two minutes from the finish, Pietsch took the lead in front of Collari and Dario Balestri finished the race in third position.

    A good performance for Dario and his P81 RS2!

    Pictures by Franco Vilarinho (check out our Facebook page for more pictures)

    august 07, 2012

  • Southern Germany Championship Round 5

    On July 7-8 MCC Türkheim hosted the 5th round of the Southern Germany Championship.
    Although the weather forecast didn’t look too good, the actual weather was great throughout the entire weekend.

    After the 30 minute final, Motonica P81 RS 2 driver Armin Baier secured the win in class 1 in front of Christoph Pietsch and Oliver Lembeck. In class 2 good performance of Maximilian Günther with Motonica P81 RS 2 who took 3rd place and best youth, although he got his air filter knocked off by a competitor and had to stop very early in the race after the engine sucked in dirt.

    Report by Stefan Günther

    july 09, 2012

  • The 3rd Round of Spanish Championship was held in Puerto de Sta. Maria in Cadiz.
    The track is very quick and with low grip, and also alternates very quick areas to slower and more technical areas.

    During qualifications Oscar Cabezas keeps a good advantage on the second position and in the fourth qualification round gets the track record with 16:320.

    In the final Oscar leads the race from beginning to end while his Team mates Victor Gonzalez and Cayetano Martinez end respectively in 4th and 5th place.

    Nice job guys!

    Check the results on (Campeonato de España- AECAR)

    july 02, 2012

  • Euro B Championship

    Last week was the 1/8th B european chmpionship in Thionville in North of France. Nice and hot weather during the week.
    The track had a new asphalt, and new layout and sugared water sprayed for a better grip. Making the track fast and very technical for all drivers.

    From the start of practice, local driver and reigning French Champion, Arnaud Mathieu with Motonica P81 RS2 sets the pace.

    However, during the qualifications other drivers get the pole and it's only on the last round of qualifying that Arnaud Mathieu finaly got a clear run to take the pole, just for a second faster.

    The semifinals leave out some of the fastest drivers but the final reveals itself to be very hard and thrilling.

    Arnaud Mathieu starts from the pit lane because of an engine stall during warm up. John Ermen manages then to take the lead with a good gap on the others racers. Sabrina Lechner is forced to retire after 15 minutes because of radio problems.

    After 20 minutes Arnaud Mathieu is in 2nd position.
    Ermen changed tires quite early and then had technical problems, he did manage to go back on track but only to finish in sixth position.

    At the 30 min mark Arnaud Mathieu is leading by 3 laps but didn't change tires yet. Unfortunately he will stall again!

    Christophe Louis is now in the lead but in the same lap as Arnaud Mathieu who finaly changed tires. And he can now pick up the pace with his fresh tires. The lead changes 4 or 5 times between the two frenchmen because of refueiling. But Arnaud can pull of a half of lap lead, and then finishes with a lap ahead of Christophe Louis. In third place its Stephane Riccobono.

    A very hard victory but great satisfaction for Motonica French Team and a well-deserved success for P81 RS 2!!!
    Thank you!!!

    Report by Romain Fournery

    VIDEO REPORT by RC Racing TV

    may 28, 2012

  • Spain Championship Round 2

    The second round of Spanish 1/8 On-Road Nationals was held at the Elche track near Alicante. It was a hard race, with temperatures over 35ºC, 50ºC on the asphalt, and a high relative humidity making it a hard test for engines and fuel. The Elche track is small, but really fast and so lap times are just about 12 seconds. Oscar Cabezas TQ’d and set a new track record. After winning the semi-final, Cabezas kept the first place during almost 30 minutes, closely followed by Sergio Montensinos, who managed to take the first place in the tire change. Oscar again took the first place and finally could set a comfortable and safe pace to finish the race in first position.

    Not to forget the other 3 Motonica finalists: Isaac Amoros 5º; David Alonso 6º; Victor Gonzalez 7º

    A great success from Motonica Spanish Team!

    may 15, 2012

  • Italian AMSCI Championship Classic Category 2WD

    On May 5 and 6 the Road Race track in Riccione hosted the Italian AMSCI Championship of Classic Category. P8C Extreme wins the title thanks to the driver Manuel Tordi.

    Congratulations by the Team!

    may 07, 2012

  • British Championship Round 2

    Second Round of British Championship was held in Halifax over a very wet weekend. The surprise of the day has been the young driver Alex Thurston with Motonica RS 2. Alex went up the chart from qualifications to podium showing determination and good skills ending up in second position with same laps as the first classified.
    Surely a name to follow up close!

    1. Mark Green – 86 Laps
    2. Alex Thurston – 86 Laps
    3. Pete Hastings – 84 Laps

    may 01, 2012

  • Spain Championship

    On March 23-25 it was held the first race of 1/8 scale nitro On Road Spain Championship. The National Motonica Team got an excellent result placing 3 cars in the main final and the first time during qualification with Oscar Cabezas doing 25 laps in 7:05:194 time.

    april 04, 2012

  • Team 2012

    The Experience chooses motonica:
    Nicola Smaldone and Ernesto Camponovo choose Motonica for 2012 season.
    Team Motonica is happy to welcome them in the team!

    march 21, 2012

  • GLARCRC Toys for Tot’s 2011

    Motonica wins again at GLARCRC Toy's for Tot's 2011!
    1st and 2nd place with Garen Hagobian and Chris Verano.
    Click here for full report.

    december 12, 2011

  • Motonica Trophy 2011- PODIUM

    And here we have the winners:

    • Finale A 1/10
    (1° Francesco Tironi, 2° Michele Scaglioni, 3° Luca Redaelli).
    • Finale B 1/10
    (1° Giacomo Malvezzi, 2° Massimo Baviera, 3° William Carrato)
    • Finale C 1/10
    (1° Fabio Gozzi, 2° Cosimo Mastrangelo, 3° Stefano Rossetti)
    • Finale D 1/10
    (1° Matteo Lusetti, 2° Matteo Ballestracci, 3° Gianfranco Ciccolella)

    • Finale A 1/8
    (1° Christian Cavicchioli, 2° Mirko Salemi, 3° Andrea Ciurlante)
    • Finale B 1/8
    (1° Nicolò Pasqualini, 2° Noah Asendorf, 3° Sabrina Lechner)
    • Finale C 1/8
    ( 1° Nejc Mihelic, 2°Alberto Franchi, 3° Simone Zamuner)
    • Finale D 1/8
    ( 1° Fiora Emanuel, 2° Cirami Salvator, 3° Kozlina Uro)
    • Finale E 1/8
    ( 1° Pittet Benoi, 2° Mattioli Maurizio, 3° Sara Bella)

    Motonica would like to thank all the Minicar Fiorano Staff for its perfect organization and all the people that took part in the event making it possible.

    See you again next year!

    Picture credits: Minicar Fiorano

    november 01, 2011

  • Motonica Trophy 2011

    Last weekend was held in Fiorano the Motonica Trophy 2011.

    The weather and the track conditions were fantastic and this let everybody have fun in a festive mood that made the event a great success with more than 100 drivers and 400 people at the track coming from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

    Picture credits: Minicar Fiorano

    october 31, 2011

  • HOT RACE Trophy

    Last Sunday, Oct 23rd, at Luma Model track was disputed the HOT RACE Trophy.
    Excellent performance of Alberto Vaccariello with his P81 RS. He got the pole position and was in first position until 4 minutes from the end of the final when a technical problem caused him to slow down, resulting in a second place.

    october 24, 2011

  • USA ROAR Region 12 Championships

    Motonica P81RS wins the 2012 ROAR Region 12 Championships (Roseville, CA), October 15-16, with Garen Hagobian after a hard fight 30 minute A final.

    Check out RC Insider for photos and Speed World Raceway for complete race results.

    october 18, 2011

  • Slovenian Championship

    For the third year in a row Motonica P81 wins Slovenian Championship with Mihelic Nejc. Thanks from all the Motonica Team.

    october 17, 2011

  • Lamac Club Championship Austria

    After a nice internal battle to win the Lamac Club Championship, Herfried Pucher with P81 RS succedes to make 4 out of 4 victories this year.
    Thanks to all the guys in Club Lamac and all the Motonica drivers!

    october 03, 2011

  • Austrian Championship Final

    Last Round of the Austrian Championship took place last Sunday.

    The result of the race see Herfried Pucher on the podium on third position, after a difficult race plenty of unplanned pit stops but only 2laps behind the winner with a very fast car in the final setting again the fastest time in that heat.

    While Mihelic Nejc had bad luck with his Engine, close before the semi final and needs to start 2laps down and in the end the competition was too strong to finally climb to the Mains.

    In the overall ranking they both got to climb on the Nats Podium on 2nd (Nejc) and 3rd place (Pucher) .

    Motonica Team sends them its best congratulations and a warm thank you. A big thanks goes also to the racing team MW who supported them during the season.

    Report by Herfried Pucher

    september 19, 2011

  • French Championship Classic Category

    For the third year in a row Motonica P8C Extreme is French Champion with Romain Delaunay. The final was held at the Roche on Yon track on the start given by the major.
    Super fast, Romain Delaunay immediately gets in first position keeping it for the rest of the 45 minutes of the race.
    Team Motonica would like to thank everyone in the French Team for their committment and their excellent results in these last years! Thank you guys!

    september 12, 2011

  • French 4x4 Championship Final Round

    Last WE took place the last round of the French championship, on the fast, thrilling and famous track of Clermont Ferrand. Weather was an important issue with just a few drops of rain on saturday during qualifying but showers for the lower finals and for both finals it was dry but the track had a different grip from qualifying.

    There was a battle for the championship. In the Elite class, four drivers could win the championship, three of them Motonica drivers.


    Former world champion on this track, Adrien Bertin takes an easy pole position. The fastest of the championship contenders is Jérome Papaconstantinos (Motonica P81 RS) in fourth place, Stéphane Bouche (Motonica P81 RS) ninth and Arnaud Mathieu twelth (Motonica P81 RS) .


    The Drama continues, Stephane Bouche cannot make it to the final. Jérome Papaconstantinos can't take the start of the race because of radio problems. Arnaud Mathieu crashes out at the start of the race but manages to come back to the race after repairing loosing a few laps. He needs to finish fifth to be champion over Stephane Bouche. So when he comes back on the track he goes flat out.
    In the lead, it's Adrien Bertin. But after the halfway mark the colision with a slower car forces him to retire. The battle for the lead is between Gerald Collinet and an another world championship finalist here in 1999, Christophe Aygon. And here comes light rain, all drivers come in to put wet tires. Christophe Aygon takes the lead for the win in front of Gerald Collinet and Arnaud Mathieu kept on pushing hard and he finishes fourth allowing to claim the crown.

    Congratulations to Arnaud Mathieu and Stephane Bouche for this great championship, finshing one and two with their Motonica P81 RS.

    Report by Romain Fournery

    september 05, 2011

  • GP Efra

    GP Efra at the Futura track, new G.A.B, excellent performance of Motonica drivers with three cars in final with Walter Salemi in the second place, Gianluca Quarzè in the sixth and Stefano Solaroli retired for technical problem.

    Compliments to everyone from Motonica staff!

    august 29, 2011

  • Slovenian Championship Round 4

    Here the results of the 4th Round of Austrian Championship:

    1 Mihelic Nejc 109 30:00.261 Motonica P81 RS
    2 Gremlica Manuel 107 30:15.593
    3 Höller Michael 105 30:12.689 Motonica P81


    august 09, 2011

  • European Championship A 2011

    The EFRA 1/8th scale on road European Championships were held this week Mini Circuit Ville de Luxembourg, in Luxembourg. Motonica’s top driver Robin D’Hondt was fast enough to put himself 6th on the overall list and qualify in the half final. The half final was a hard game but Robin kept everyone behind him and managed to finish 3rd .

    In the final Robin starts 8th on the grid and after a few laps he is in second place, then a kick from Dario Balestri makes him drop back a little bit and at the end of the race he is still in 3rd position when suddenly a belt strip makes him retire the race. However Robin was the last one to retire so he stayed in 6th position overall confirming his being a great Champion also in this very difficult edition of the EC A 2011.

    august 02, 2011

  • 24 heures de Châteauroux 2011

    Mid July took place the 24 hours of Chateauroux. This year engines, tires, fuel and Bodyshells were supplied by the organisers in a matter of equity, the fourteen team competing could only choose there chassis. Motonica was here with 5 teams with the Motonica P8C Extreme.
    During the whole race there was close battle for the podium, the Italian team taking the lead in the early stages of the race and without any mechanical whories during the race they could cruise till the end. Team "Les Uns Connus" (Julien Mathieu, Stéphanie Assomption, Jérémie Joussaume, Antoine Machard and Romain Delaunay) with their P8C Extreme manage to take second place at the end of the race.

    Thanks to Romain Fournery for this report.

    july 12, 2011

  • Italian Championship 2nd round

    Second round of Italian Championship at the Futura track in Bologna.
    Motonica drivers get good results in F2 with Costa ending first and in F1 with Vaccariello ending up in third position.

    july 11, 2011

  • Spanish Championship Round 3

    The 3rd Round of Spanish Championship took place in Vigo last weekend.

    At the end of a thrilling race with drivers often switching top positions, it is Oscar that gets the victory thanks to his smart fuel strategy.

    There is only 1 Round left...

    july 11, 2011

  • Novarossi Trophy

    Gian Luca Querzé classifies for the A final at the last Novarossi Trophy in Bologna. Team Motonica thanks him for his affection and the excellent performance proved with his P81 RS!

    june 22, 2011

  • French Championship 3rd Round

    On June 11 and 12 took place the third round of the French championship on road 1/8th in Evry close to Paris with 67 drivers in the Elite and National.

    The MRTE facility is simply superb, with a track that provides great sensation with its beautiful chicane at the start of a straight line and its big curve that goes flat out.


    In National:

    Local driver, Damien Thirion, is the favourite of this race and he will do honor to his status by taking the pole at each heat, and at the last one he manage to make the only 26 laps in the National class. Behind Jeremy Cassagne took second place and in third it was Vincent Nousse. Frederic Vergnières (Motonica) gets a good sixth place in the final round.

    In Elite

    In the first 2 round, it’s Stéphane Bouche (Motonica) who will take the pole. Just after his race his comment is very explicit: "It's a blast." he will improve in the last heat to stand in front of Christophe Louis for a hundredth of a second. But in the last round, Christophe Aygon will take the pole in amazing circumstances, in fact there are 2 yellow cars on the track, Sebastien Zatla and Christophe Aygon. Christophel Aygon comes in first for refueling, Sebastien Zatla’s mechanic will refuel the wrong car. Fortunately the wrong fuel has not changed engine settings of the future pole man.


    In National:

    No great surprise among the 10 finalists, David Loglisci and Romain Fournery (Motonica) bump to the final from the quarter finals. For the lead of the race no suspense, Damien Thirion will take the lead from start to finish. The battle for the podium will be between Greg Tassencourt, Stéphane Bertrand and Vincent Nousse, unfortunately he will stall and then he finds himself in fourth place and despite all his efforts he will end a few seconds behind Stephane Bertrand.

    In Elite

    The final is held with the 3 drivers leading the French championship (Stephane Bouche, Arnaud Mathieu and Jerome Papaconstantinos), all three with Motonica. Pole-man, Christopher Aygon will take the lead in the race, but he stalls early in the race. Stephane Bouche and Jerome Papaconstantinos (Motonica) make small mistakes, Stéphane Riccobono is going to lead the race followed by Arnaud Mathieu, the tire change will not change the ranking. 2 laps before the end Arnaud Mathieu will break its first gear, leaving Stéphane Bouche take second place but retaining third place.

    Arnaud Mathieu (Motonica) takes the lead in the French championship.

    Report by Romain Fournery

    june 14, 2011

  • Slovenian Championship Round 2

    Another Victory for Mihelic Nejc and P81 RS in the Slovenian Championship race 2.
    Here are the results:

    1 Nejc Mihelic 88 30:07.690
    2 Valentin Mis 85 30:02.601
    3 Simon Štelcl 72 30:14.803

    Good job!

    june 13, 2011

  • French Campionship Classic category 4 Round

    The weekend of 11 and 12 of June took place the fourth round of the French Classique championship in Vichy with 62 drivers including 31 Motonica.

    In qualifying, Serge Christiani is for the fourth time this season on pole position, ahead of two Motonica drivers, Romain Delaunay and Claude Fantin.

    In the final Serge Christiani request a delay in order to repair his car, so he took the start in eleventh position. Romain Delaunay takes the lead at the start. Serge comes back strong on competitors in a few laps, but once behind Claude Fantin who is second, he's having a hard time passing as Claude goes fast. This allows Romain Delaunay to consolidate his lead. The two drivers fighting for second place touch (note that Serge waited Claude to go back to third place, very fair play). Serge Christiani manages to take second place but still the same distance with Romain Delaunay. Despite a change of tires, the leader retains the lead until the end, even if he is less comfortable with the new set of tires.

    With the win Romain Delaunay (P8C Extreme) is leading the French championship.

    Report by Romain Fournery

    june 13, 2011

  • Spain Championship 2nd Round

    The second round of Spain Championship was held in Valencia. Oscar Cabezas with Motonica P81 RS gets the victory, the pole position, the fastest lap time and the new track record! WOW!

    Congratulations also to the Motonica driver Cayetano Martínez, third classified in the Over 40 race and current leader of the Over 40 Category.

    june 07, 2011

  • Austrian Championship Round 1

    During the weekend took place the first Round of Austrian Championship in Sollenau.

    After a very difficult practise & quali session, our Austrian Driver Herfried Pucher could manage to reach a clean 2nd rank, close to one lap down to the winner setting also the fastest final lap time, with an amazing quick car but with bad luck during overlapping sequences that cost him the win at the end.

    Team mate Mihelic Njec made the 4th place, so the only two Motonica P81RS cars in the 34 competitor field did a 2nd & 4th place!

    1. Klausner Michael
    2. Pucher Herfried Motonica P81RS
    3. Kandelhart Gerhard
    4. Mihelic Njec Motonica P81RS

    (Report by Herfried, thanks!)

    may 23, 2011

  • French Championship 3rd Round- Elite Class

    Last WE took place the third round of the french 1/8 IC championship on the tricky track of Besançon. Rain was expected on Saturday and Sunday and in the end on Sunday, it was showers and sunshine, there track conditions were changing all the time.

    The poleman, Richard Volta and Adrien Bertin didn't manage to make it into the final. 4 Motonica P81 RS reached the main final.
    And from the begining its Arnaud Mathieu who took the lead, followed by team mate driver Stéphane Bouche but he had radio problem at the half way mark.
    As the track dried out the wet tyres were worn out and they had to pit for dry tires. Arnaud manage to keep the lead, but it was another Motonica driver, Jérome Papaconstantinos who made less mistake and was fast enough to get second place from Christophe Louis.
    It was a tough final for every driver as the track conditions were very difficult.
    Next round in Evry near Paris in mid June.

    (Report by Romain Fournery)

    may 17, 2011

  • Italian Championship round 1 - F2 Category

    Italian Championship at his start in Cassino. Francesco Costa is first in the F2 Category.

    may 16, 2011

  • Swiss Championship 2nd Round

    Second Round of Swiss Championship held in Lostallo. Second place for Christophe Pethoud.

    may 16, 2011

  • Luxembourg Championship Round 1

    The first round held at the these year EC A championship track in Luxembourg Howald attracted some top drivers as guestdrivers from France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands to bring a nice weekend of top racing.

    In the Final, John Ermen (NL) was unstoppable and finished first, for the second place it was a close battle and in the end it was Arnaud Mathieu (FR) 3sec in front of local driver Tom Maquel.

    The guestdrivers are not counted for the national championship so the national podium was

    1. Tom Maquel (Modelconcept / Motonica )
    2. Patrick Beltrallo (Modelconcept / Motonica)
    3. Dirk Richard

    See you all the 26 June for the next round !!!!

    (Report by Tom Maquel)

    may 09, 2011


    Motonica Team would like to Congratulate with Robin D'Hondt for making the final with his P81 RS! Thank you for the hard work also to the other Motonica drivers who participated in this 2011 World Championships and all the friends and fans who warmly followed them and supported them all the way!

    april 18, 2011

  • French Championship Round 2

    The second round of French Championship was held in Tourlaville on a beautiful track and with a nice weather.


    As seen in the first race of the Championship, Serge Christiany in front of Romain Delaunay (Motonica Extreme). Third place for Christophe Bataillard (Motonica Extreme) e Julien Mathieu (Motonica Extreme) fourth.


    Serge Christiany has some problem with the car and Romain Delaunay gets the lead and finishes 3 laps ahead on Stephan Nicaud (BP Racing). Third place for Christophe Bataillard (Motonica Extreme).

    april 11, 2011

  • Italy 150th Anniversary Trophy

    Alberto Vaccariello classifies 2nd at the Italy 150th Anniversary Trophy held in Cassino.

    march 28, 2011

  • RCX 2011

    Motonica wins the rain shortened RCX race in Pomona. Brad Toffelmire secures pole and Garen Hagobian places 3rd and due to rain, the race is won by Brad. With only 2 cars in the expert class, Motonica places 100% of the team on the podium.

    march 22, 2011

  • French Nationals 1st Round

    The first round of the French championship took place in Toulouse.
    During qualifying the track was wet, Sebastien Zatla (Motonica) took TQ in front of Richard Volta and Stéphane Bouche (Motonica).

    In the final richard Volta takes the lead in the first laps. One minute before the end of the the race, it's Volta in the lead 2 seconds ahead of Stephane Bouche and Jerome Papaconstantinos (Motonica) in third. They are all pushing hard after 44 minutes of racing and the leader makes a mistake at the end of the strait.
    Stéphane Bouche takes the lead and wins the first round.

    Thanks to Andelle Competition for this report.

    march 14, 2011

  • Grand Prix Jean Nougier

    Beginning of the racing season in France with the Gran Prix Jean Nougier at the Monteux track near Avignon. Jerome Papacostantinos makes the first position in the 4x4 category with P81 RS and second place in the classic category with P8C Extreme.

    february 28, 2011

  • Victorian State Titles 2011

    Congratulations to Ryan Maker for his 4th position in the 2011 Victorian State Titles. Motonica would also like to congratulate the other Team drivers David Bozzi (8th), Kurt Krassnitzer (9th) and Michael Ali (10th).

    january 21, 2011

  • Primo Trofeo 2011 Pista RME

    Second and Third position for Francesco Costa (30:12.917) and Alberto Vaccariello (30:09.452) at the Primo Trofeo 2011 that was held in Cassino this weekend. Despite the bad conditions of the wet track, in the final the two Motonica Drivers managed to keep their position and reach the podium only a few seconds from the first place.

    january 17, 2011

  • Coupe de Noel Monaco

    Motonica P81 RS with driver Jerome Papaconstantinos classifies third at the Coupe de Noel held on the Turbie track on Dec 11th.

    december 14, 2010

  • Toys For Tot's race Los Angeles

    Team Motonica Usa dominates the A Final of this last 2010 event in LA getting on 1st, 2nd and 5th position. Our Team Drivers Scotty Barrera, Garen Hagobian and Brad Tofflemire confirm themselves on the USA RC scene and give their goodbye to 2011 racing season hoping in new great success.
    Click here for full report.

    december 13, 2010

  • Mugen Trophy Raiola

    Motonica strikes again in Autum races.
    Alberto Vaccariello with Motonica P81 PRO dominates Mugen Trophy on "Carmine Raiola" track!

    november 22, 2010

  • Montecarlo Cup 2010

    The best time in Montecarlo Cup is 00:15.482 by Oberto Tarena Emanuele with Motonica.

    november 19, 2010

  • Serpent Trophy 2010

    Francesco Liotto with Motonica P81 wins Serpent Trophy 1/8 scale Category that was held in Battipaglia.

    november 15, 2010

  • Hot Race Trophy Gubbio

    Alberto Vaccariello with Motonica P81 PRO wins the Hot Race Trophy that was held in Gubbio past weekend. Congratulations to this promising young talent from the Team!

    Picture Credits 252studio

    november 08, 2010

  • Nejc is Slovenian Champion 2010

    For the second year Nejc wins the Slovenian Championship title with Motonica P81! Our best congratulations to Mihelic!!!

    october 26, 2010

  • Italian Championship

    Motonica wants to congratulate with its young talented driver, Mattia Rinaldi, who got the second position in F1 Category of Italian Championship after a fantastic 2010 racing season. Thank you Mattia!

    october 26, 2010

  • Novarossi Trophy

    Stefano Puccinelli wins Novarossi Trophy driving Motonica
    Picture Credits 252studio

    october 25, 2010

  • Lamac Club Championship 2010

    1st , 2nd and 3rd rank for Motonica Drivers finishing the national Lamac Club Championship 2010 in Austria.

    1. Roschen Hans-Jörg (Motonica P81Pro)

    2. Wiedl Daniel (Motonica P81Pro)

    3. Knapp Gottfried (Motonica P8.0R)

    october 25, 2010

  • Austrian Championship

    Motonica would like to thank and congratulate with Austrian Team drivers Herfried Pucher, 3rd classified in Austrian Championship and Mihelic Nejc winner of the National Title for the Youth Category. Always keep up the good job guys!

    october 21, 2010

  • Coupe de France 1/8

    A good second place for Sebastian Zlata at the France Cup this weekend.

    october 18, 2010

  • Italian Championship Last Round

    After a challenging race Dario Balestri wins the third round of Italian Chapionship 1/8 scale on road.
    The Team congratulates with Dario for this result and with Lamberto Collari for the Italian National Title 2010.

    october 11, 2010

  • Oscar Cabezas Spain Champion 2010

    The Final of Spain Championship was held in Madrid.
    Oscar was leading throughout the race and not even a more than one minute stop for engine troubles could keep him from taking the National title. Motonica driver Oscar Cabezas is 1/8 scale Spain Champion 2010 with P81 PRO!

    All Motonica Team wants to say thank you to Oscar, Alberto and all Spanish Friends for their affection and support! Thank you!

    september 27, 2010

  • Swiss Championship Round 5

    Mattia access the final directly with the pole and runs very well, setting a good pace and keeping the first position for most of the race. A slowing down at a pit stop makes him slip in second position but still Mattia gets a good results and becomes the Swiss Champion one round before the final!
    Mattia! You did it!

    september 14, 2010

  • French Classique Championship FINAL 2010

    Last WE was the last round of the French Classique Championship in Brest.
    Due to weather condition, only one heat of qualifying was held on dry condition. For the third time this season it’s Motonica Driver Julien Mathieu who takes pole position 9 sec in front of Jean François Velvindron, and in third place another Motonica driver Christophe Bataillard.
    At the beginning of the Final Romain Delaunay takes the lead in front of Christophe Bataillard. But the leader has steering problem because of screw unfasten. He will come back to fourth position at the end of the race. And for the third time this year it’s Christophe Bataillard with a solid drive who takes victory.
    Romain Delaunay with it’s Motonica P8C Extreme is for the second time in a row French Champion.

    Congratulation to the Motonica Team for a great season! Merci les amis Français!!!

    september 13, 2010

  • Swiss Championship Round 4

    Mattia Pesenti ran an amazingly exciting final at Sitterdorf track. Mattia managed to run very fast despite tires wear and to mantain the first position on Simon Kurzbuch until the final pitstop that was crucial for the final result. In the end, a perfect race without mistakes for both drivers with Mattia crossing the finishing line on second position at less then 1 second from Simon.

    august 24, 2010

  • Austrian Championship 5th Round

    Round 5 of the Austrian Championship was held on the MAV Aigen track, in the north of Austria.
    From the starting qualifications to the final it was Herfried Pucher with his Motonica P81 that set the pace and dominates the race showing confidence and willingness to win. Thanks also to a perfect working pit crew, Pucher wins the race, 1.5 laps in front of Klausner with Wendy taking 3rd.

    The results:
    1. Pucher Herfried 157 45:04.661
    2. Klausner Mike 156 45:10.844
    3. Wendy Patrick 154 45:13.466

    august 09, 2010

  • Promising new talents win!

    Our congratulations to Francesco Costa (in the middle), a young promising talent who made the Pole and won the first place in F2 Category at the Champion Race Trophy held at Rme L. Collari track in Cassino.
    Keep up the good work Francesco!

    july 29, 2010

  • European Championship 2010

    At the end of an intense and exciting final, Dario Balestri gets very close to victory, finishing just 10 seconds behind first classified Robert Pietsch.
    Congratulations and a big Thanks to Dario and all the supporting team that made this great result possible. Thank you guys!

    1. Robert Pietsch (D) – 167 laps in 45.14.746
    2. Dario Balestri (I) – 166 laps in 45.09.394
    3. Lamberto Collari (I) – 163 laps in 45.11.659
    4. Oliver Mack (D) – 161 laps in 45.05.579
    5. Andrea Cristiani (I) – 159 laps in 45.12.022
    6. Michael Salven (D) – 154 laps in 45.00.435
    7. Michele Romagnoli (I) – 150 laps in 45.03.397
    8. Alberto Picco (I) – 148 laps in 45.07.655
    9. Andrea Pirani (I) – 82 laps in 23.04.125
    10.Ilia van Gastel (B) – 62 laps in 16.54.111

    For a full detailed report of the race:

    july 05, 2010

  • Portugal Championship

    Another good result for Motonica with Pedro Praça endig up in second place in Portugal Nationals.

    On the Podium:

    1º Bruno Coelho
    2º Pedro Praça
    3º Raul Prata

    june 28, 2010

  • Swiss Championship Round 3

    The third round of the Swiss Championship was held during the weekend in Herblingen.

    Mattia Pesenti takes the pole position and the first place by two laps over the sencond place Henzi Thomas. A good race also for Shasa Laskner that ends up third.

    To mention, the placement of another Motonica driver, Erol Sehirtoy in the EXPERT final and the outstanding performance of the young Swiss driver Fabio Marzini in the AMATEUR final.

    june 21, 2010

  • Classic France Nationals Round 4

    The fourth round took place in Monteux in the south of France, an exciting track for all drivers.
    During qualifying it’s Motonica P8C Extreme drivers Julien Mathieu and Romain Delaunay in front. After the semi final it’s Fréderic Accomaso, the new Motonica team mate who will start in first position, followed by Romain Delaunay, Julien Mathieu.
    During the final, all 3 drivers take the lead, but in the end it is as an experienced driver, Christophe Bataillard with its Motonica P8C Extreme who makes a consistent race and takes victory.
    100% Motonica on the Podium, and 7 in the final. After four races in the French championship it’s the fourth win for Motonica.

    BATAILLARD Christophe C.F. 125 45:07.44
    DURAND Maxime C.F. 123 45:13.24
    DELAUNAY Romain C.F. 122 45:13.74

    june 15, 2010

  • Luxembourg Nationals 2 Round

    Round 2 of the Luxembourg 1/8th scale nationals saw Motonica racer Patrick Belltrallo cross the finishing line in first position, followed by Jerome Hirtziger and Libar Laurent. Congratulation from all the Team!

    (Picture source "Red RC")

    may 24, 2010

  • Kamikaze Invitational Race Los Angeles

    Garen Hagobian wins with Motonica at Kamikaze Invitational Race held in Los Angeles.
    You find his full report of the race"here" , while the full picture report is "here"

    may 18, 2010

  • Spanish Championship Round 2

    Oscar Cabezas is the fastest in 2 Round of Spanish Campionship in Valencia! It was an exiting race until the end with the close fight between Oscar and Nacho. At last the victory was granted by Oscar's good tactics, smart strategy and his P81 PRO of course!

    The rankings:
    1- Oscar Cabezas 144 giri 45:04.986 (17.658 fastest lap)
    2- Nacho Lopez 144 giri 45:06.319 (17.741)
    3- Sergio Montesinos 144 giri 45: 08.128 (17.924)

    may 17, 2010

  • Dutch Championship 2nd Round

    The second round of the Netherlands championship was held at the fast track of Rucphen. Robin D'Hondt and Ilia van Gastel fought for the first place during all the final gaining and losing the lead many times but in the end is Robin who takes the first place! A breathtaking victory!
    The Podium:
    1 Robin D'Hondt 132 30:09.386
    2 Ilia van Gastel 132 30:09.713
    3 Rick Vrielijnck 130 30:13.054

    may 10, 2010

  • France Classic Championship 3rd Round

    Two Motonicas on the podium of France Classic Championship. Romain Delaunay and P8C Extreme prove to be once again the top, but our congratulations go to the runner-up Sylvain Domain!

    may 10, 2010

  • Austrian Championship 2nd Round

    Strong 2nd and 3rd place during 2nd Round of Austrian Championship on the Morac Race track in Styria.
    After a close battle for the victory here is the podium:

    Klausner in front of Pucher Herfried (Motonica/Picco) and Mihelic Njec (Motonica/Picco)

    We would like to remember also the Youth ranking who saw two Motonica drivers in 1st and 2nd place with Mihelic Njec in front of Höller Michael.

    may 03, 2010

  • Portugal Championship 2nd Round

    José Pequito and Claudio Souto win first and third place at the 2nd Round of Portugal Championship.

    april 20, 2010

  • First Round Swiss Championship in Lostallo

    Shasa Lackner dominates the whole First round being the only driver to lap under 20.0 sec the whole weekend with a best time of 19.90 sec.
    During the final he loses 2 laps due to a gearbox change but then he is back flying and is able to catch up on the other drivers winning by 1 lap.
    Great Job, Shasa!

    april 19, 2010

  • 1/8 4x4 France Championship

    Nice victory for Arnaud Matieu, the new driver of the French Team in the Elite category.

    The results:

    1) Matieu Arnaud 1°/ 183 T in 45:00.57
    2) Zatla Laurent 2°/ 182 T in 45:05.99
    3) Baehrel Romain 3°/ 178 T in 45:07.90

    april 12, 2010

  • French Classic Championship - Open

    Romain Delaunay wins pole position and first place in the Opening Round of Classic Category Championship at Evry.
    And Congratulations also to the other Motonica finalists!

    Classique - CF OPEN 17:09:07 FINALE Durée : 00:45:00

    1 Delaunay Romain 132 t (motonica) 45:13.32
    2 Dell Unto Marc 129 t (DXF) 45:07.65
    3 Accomasso Frédéric 127 t (mantua) 45:08.19
    4 Brincat Rodolphe 126 t (DXF) 45:06
    5 Lecour Eric 125 t (BRX) 45:04.40
    6 Maniere Pascal 124 t (motonica) 45:12.55
    7 Boutebien Morgan 92 t (motonica) 32:11
    8 Baron Nicolas 83 t (monaco) 36:02.48
    9 Assomption Stéphanie 36 t (motonica) 20:35.15
    10 Velvindron Jean-François 12 t (contact) 03:59

    april 12, 2010

  • Slovenian Championships - Opening round

    An all Motonica podium for the opening round of the 2010 Slovenian on road National Championships! Mihelic Nejc ends up 1° with a 6 lap advantage on the Austrian driver Michael Höller in 2nd and Sasa Matijek in 3rd.

    april 12, 2010

  • 2010 EuropeanChampionship - Locorotondo Warm up

    Last weekend at Locorotondo took place the 2010 European Championship Warm Up.
    A very good test for Motonica Team.
    Walter Salemi at his début with P81 made an excellent performance that, together with Dario Balestri's e allows two Motonicas to access directly in the final.
    After the qualifications potentially 5 P81 Pro are already in the final.
    Walter Salemi, Dario Balestri, Robin D'hondt, Nicola Marrone, Stefano Solaroli.
    In the final, Walter Salemi fights for the first place with multi World Champion Collari for a good part of the race, unfortunately to be stopped by a technical problem 10 minutes from the end when he was leading the chart.
    A very good second place for Dario Balestri who confirms his champion attitude.
    Ok guys, let's start from here. P81 are at Top and Motonica is here to support you!

    Final result and time report here
    Photo credits:

    march 22, 2010

  • France National Classic Championship 2010

    Pole position for Romain Delaunay with P8C Extreme in the first round of France National Classic Championship. First place for Christophe Bataillard with his P8C.

    march 15, 2010

  • 2010 Victorian State Championships & New Zealand Championships

    A great start of the year for Motonica with Jovanovic brothers in Australia and New Zealand.

    In January, Peter and Steven top qualified and finished 1st and 3rd at 2010 Victorian State Championships. In the same competition good placements for others Motonica drivers too, at 5th and 7th place.

    In February, for the second year consecutively, Steven Jovanovic won the New Zealand GP On Road Champions titles in 1:8 held at Ruapuna Raceway (Christchurch) leading throughout the 60 minute A Main with his Motonica P81.

    1. Steven Jovanovic 125 laps
    2. Andrew Kirk 122 laps
    3. Daniel Burrows 121 laps

    All the best congratulation from all Team Motonica!

    Photo credits: "Chris Trotman"

    "Here" for the complete 2010 Victorian Championships time report.
    "Here" for the complete 2010 New Zealand Championships time report.

    Special thanks to Motonica local dealer "Radical Hobbies"

    march 03, 2010

  • Walter and Mirko Salemi with Motonica

    february 26, 2010

  • Spain National Championship 2009 Last Round

    Oscar Cabezas with his P81 wins the last round of the National Championship in Madrid and becomes Spain Champion 2009.
    Oscar ruled the race from start to finish after having claimed the pole position in all four qualification rounds, and wins the finals two laps ahead of the secon classified driver.
    All the warmest congratulations to Oscar and to his father Alberto from the whole Motonica Staff.

    1. Oscar Cabezas 146 laps
    2. Josue Artiles 144 laps
    3. Carlos Peracho 143 laps
    4. Sergio Montesinos 143 laps
    5. Toni Mateo 143 laps
    6. Nacho Lopez 143 laps
    7. Daniel Vega 143 laps
    8. Joaquin villegas 140 laps
    9. Francisco Lara 102 laps
    10. Victor Gonzalez 91 laps

    october 26, 2009

  • EFRA GP in Monaco

    Robin D’Hondt and his P81 make second place on the podium of the final EFRA GP in Monaco, and together with winner Andrea Cristiani, Robin is the only one to enter the 13 second zone with a best laptime of 13.815.

    1. Cristiani Andrea 154 laps
    2. D'hondt Robin 152 laps
    3. Christiany Serge 143 laps
    4. Mouton Jacky 141 laps
    5. Smaldone Nicola 139 laps
    6. Smolderen Tom 137 laps
    7. Salemi Walter 65 laps
    8. Lorenzi Andrea 63 laps
    9. Bertin Adrien 55 laps
    10. Riccobono Stéphane 17 laps

    october 25, 2009

  • West German NRW Championship rd. 3

    Double presence on the podium of the 3rd rd. of the West German NRW Championship, with Christian Wurst's and Uwe Baldes' Motonica P81 finishing respectively first and third.

    1. Christian Wurst, 167 laps – Motonica
    2. Ralf Vahrenkamp, 166 laps
    3. Uwe Baldes, 163 laps – Motonica
    4. Frank Schewiola, 161 laps
    5. Tobias Hepp, 134 laps
    6. Andreas Goebel, 117 laps
    7. Sebastian Scheidweiler, 106 laps
    8. Christian Willert, 79 laps
    9. Ingo Odenthal, 71 laps
    10. Emil Kostadinov, 71 laps

    october 19, 2009

  • 2009 Slovenian National Championship

    Nejc Mihelic winning with his P81 all 5 rounds of this year’s Championship claims the title of National Slovenian Champion 2009. All the best congratulations to Nejc from the Motonica Staff.

    october 12, 2009

  • Spain Nats Rd. 3

    Oscar Cabezas driving his P81 wins the third round of the Spain National Championship in Gijòn three laps ahead of the driver in second position, after having ruled the qualifications and also having set the new track record - reducing it by three tenths of a second with the fastest lap at 15.280.

    september 27, 2009

  • Belgian Championship Final Round

    Robin D'Hondt strikes again, winning the final round of the Belgian Championship after having TQ'd 21 laps in 05.10 and then leading the Final with his Motonica P81 for almost the entire race.

    september 21, 2009

  • Italian National Classic Championship 2009

    Our congratulations to Nicolas Gilioli who is once again Italian National Classic 2009 Champion in the Senior category with the new P8C.
    In a final ruled by him since the first lap, Gilioli arrived first ahead of the Italian Amsci champion in charge Paolo Gaggiola. Also good the placements for the two other Motonica drivers – Matteo Comoglio third and Emanuele Oberto Tarena fourth.
    Congratulations as well to Natale Frigerio who won with the new P8C in the Junior category.

    Video >>

    1. Gilioli Nicolas, 163 laps – Motonica
    2. Gaggiola Paolo, 158 laps
    3. Comoglio Matteo, 155 laps - Motonica
    4. Oberto Tarena Emanuele, 154 laps – Motonica
    5. Censi Ivano, 153 laps
    6. Poldi Massimo, 151 laps
    7. Baseggio Emilio, 138 laps
    8. Carboni Emanuele, 138 laps
    9. Giordano Simone, 101 laps
    10. Bovio Gabriele, 86 laps

    september 20, 2009

  • Classic France Championship 2009

    Romain Delaunay driving his Motonica wins the last race of the national championship making him the 2009 Classic Champion in France. All the warmest congratulations to Romain from the Motonica Staff.

    september 15, 2009

  • Nomac Championships 2009

    Robin D'Hondt continues his collections of victories: driving his P81 he wins the last round of the Nomac Championship in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, making him the 1/8 Nomac Class Champion 2009.

    september 14, 2009

  • Portugese National Championships Rd. 5

    Two Motonica P81s on the podium of the Portugese National Championships Rd. 5: Claudio Souto takes the win and Pedro Praça takes third place.
    A total of four Motonicas in the top ten, with Fernando Dantas and José Felix placing themselves respectively 5th and 7th.

    september 13, 2009

  • Austrian Championships Rd. 5

    Herfried Pucher wins the 5th round of the Austrian Championships after setting the TQ and the fastest lap with the track record.

    september 13, 2009

  • Swiss Championships Rd. 5

    Shasa Lackner wins the Swiss Championship Rd. 5 on one of the most difficult and demanding tracks in Switzerland.
    Shasa took TQ by more than 3 seconds. In the Main Final he took the lead from the start and after 45 minutes he won by an advantage of two laps, also setting a new lap record.
    3 Motonica P81 in the Expert Main Finals, with Shasa 1st, Pascal Ludi 7th and Mattia Pesenti 8th.
    In the Amateur Finals a great win for Giacomo Moretti with his P81.

    september 13, 2009

  • European Championships +40

    The Arca Club in Madrid held the European Championships +40 that saw both participating Motonicas in the finals.
    Cayetano Martìnez conquered the podium placing himself second, while Alberto Cabezas placed eighth. Charming switch of roles between father and son, in fact Oscar in this occasion was pitting Alberto.

    september 06, 2009

  • Lostallo Worlds Championships 2009

    Motonica sends a warm thank-you to all drivers that participated in Lostallo and that proved all the new P81's potential.
    In particular our compliments go to Dario Balestri and to Robin D'Hondt for their presence in the main final of this last World Championship, and to Oscar Cabezas, whom only just didn't make it by a hair's breadth, placing himself eleventh.


    august 23, 2009

  • African Cup 2009

    At the 2009 African Cup in Pretoria, South Africa, Leigh Dytor places his P81 second place on podium only less than two seconds away from winner Wayne Joelson after a 1 hr race. Three other Motonica drivers finished in the top ten: Steven Jovanovic, Jaques Liebenberg and Kobus Swanepoel.

    july 19, 2009

  • 25 Years Anniversary Race, Lamac

    Triple Motonica victory at the 25 years anniversary race in the beautiful Lamac track: winner is Herfried Pucher, followed by Mihelic Njec and Harald Himler, all driving their P81s.

    july 18, 2009

  • Motonica and D´Hondt celebrate German Title win

    Team driver Robin D`Hondt has won the German Championship 2008/09 at the one-event decision at Hildesheim. In an exciting 40 minutes finale the 20 years old Belgian took an early lead with his P81 which he quickly extended. After 169 laps he brought the impressive victory home with a three lap advantage over former champion Robert Pietsch. Well supported by his father in the pits, Robin left other favourites like Salven, Mack, Schaefer, Hanauer, Hammerl, Dankel and others behind. The cornerstones of his success were the excellent set-up of his flawlessly running P81 and his strong performance during a rain affected qualification when he took second spot close behind Pietsch. His team fellows Christian Wurst and Uwe Baldes had no lucky weekend and finished on 22nd and 30th position respectively.


    1. Robin D´Hondt, 169 laps
    2. Robert Pietsch, 166 laps
    3. Toni Gruber, 165 laps

    july 12, 2009

  • Spain Nats rd. 2

    Oscar Cabezas, after having won the pole position in all four rounds of the qualifications and scoring the fastest lap overall, takes second place in rd. 2 of the National Championship of Spain.

    june 15, 2009

  • Novarossi Trophy - Fiorano

    Stefano Puccinelli takes third place at the Novarossi Trophy in Fiorano, Italy.

    june 08, 2009

  • 2009 Futaba OS Jakarta Open

    Steven Jovanovic driving his Motonica P81 wins the 2009 Futaba OS Jakarta Open leading the final from start to finish.

    may 24, 2009

  • Swiss Nats rd. 2

    Mattia Pesenti and Shasa Lackner take first and third place with their Motonica P81s at the second round of the National Swiss Championship.

    may 10, 2009

  • Portugal Nats Rd. 2

    Pedro Praça conquers the podium placing 2nd in the Portugese National Championship Rd. 2.

    may 09, 2009

  • 1/8th Nomac Cup Rd2

    Nico Boeren and Robin d’Hondt both driving Motonica take first and third place at the Dutch 1/8th Nomac Cup Rd2.

    may 04, 2009

  • Priori Trophy

    On the Leno track, at the Priori Trophy, Stefano Solaroli wins the final preceeding the present leader of the Italian Expert Championship Francesco Tironi.

    may 03, 2009

  • P81 - weekend on the track

    The first weekend of April saw the world’s début of the P81, with excellent results in the first round of the season’s championships in Europe for the official Motonica drivers: Cabezas in the opening round of the Spanish national series, D’Hondt in the Dutch NOMAC class, and Balestri, in the first round of the Italian championship in Cassino.

    Sincere thanks to all the drivers for having shown all the full potential of the P81.

    -Team Motonica

    april 06, 2009

  • New Zealand

    Steven and Peter Jovanovic, both driving the Motonica P8.0R, win the New Zealand National Championship respectively placing 1st and 2nd.

    february 12, 2009

  • Singapore

    Tay Wui Kiat driving the Motonica P8.0R wins the Singapore National Championship.

    february 11, 2009

  • Sponsor PAT

    Motonica sponsores the junior PAT team ("Pattinatori Artistici Torino", Figure Skaters Turin) The young champions on ice, at the center in photo Nicolò Cafaro -Italian Champion-

    january 01, 2009