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MOTONICA TYRES Motonica is pleased to announce a new dedicated line of Tyres 1/8 scale On Road.
After a one year long research on the material of the rims and having finally obtained the right lightness and stiffness, we are ready to release a top range product in terms of performance and quality.
Moreover, Motonica’ s special care in research and product development designed the possibility to use a 24 mm pin (already included in the pack) in order to grant a perfect fit without compromising the good functioning of the rim itself.
Motonica Tyres will be available for sale exclusively through the official Motonica distribution channels.

FRONT TYRES 1/8 The 1/8 front tyres are available in the following shores:

30 SHORE FRONT____COD.20143
32 SHORE FRONT____COD.20144
35 SHORE FRONT____COD.20145
37 SHORE FRONT____COD.20146
40 SHORE FRONT____COD.20147
42 SHORE FRONT____COD.20148
45 SHORE FRONT____COD.20149

REAR TYRES 1/8 The 1/8 rear tyres are available in the following shores:

30 SHORE REAR____COD.20150
32 SHORE REAR____COD.20151
35 SHORE REAR____COD.20152
37 SHORE REAR____COD.20153
40 SHORE REAR____COD.20154